Training Contract Management Techniques

Training Maintenance Contract Management

Training Course Description

In the competitive environment of today, availability and reliability of assets are becoming an increasingly important issue. A significant trend in maintenance is outsourcing maintenance activities to contractors. Maintenance contracts are being used as a highly effective way to manage and control the relationship between the service provider and the end-user, both internally and externally. It manages the expectations of both parties, sets out the parameters of responsibility and offers performance indicators.

Training Course Objectives
  • Understanding how to decide rationally what maintenance activities to outsource and what not to
  • Learning the features, functions and benefits of lean maintenance contracts
  • Understanding the different types of maintenance contracts (incl. Service Level Agreements) and when/how to apply them
  • Learning how to define service levels and monitor the contractor performance
  • Learning how to develop and negotiate a maintenance contract
  • Recognizing the common pitfalls
  • Understanding how to evaluate the delivered performance of all parties involved
  • Learning how to implement maintenance contract management
Who Should Attend this Training ?
  • All professionals negotiating, managing and verifying maintenance contracts
  • Teams who have been assigned with the responsibility of establishing a maintenance contract
  • Anyone who wishes to improve themselves on Maintenance Contracts & Outsourcing
Training Course Details/Schedule
  • The ‘business’ of maintenance
  • The role of contracts in the commercial environment
  • Contract Law Fundamentals for Non-Lawyers
  • Contract Law Masterclass for Non-Lawyers
  • Contract Law Advanced Masterclass for Non-Lawyers
  • Contract Management
  • Planning the contract lifecycle
  • Contract drafting methodologies
  • Contract Administration Fundamentals
  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation Fundamentals
  • Contract Drafting, Management & Strategy Masterclass
  • Negotiation skills and techniques
  • Contract Negotiation Masterclass
  • Contract Design, Structure & Strategy
  • Developing the price schedule
  • Contract Management & Governance
  • Contract Scorecard – Contract Design Masterclass
  • Developing the service level agreement
  • Tendering & Procurement
  • Tender Preparation & Evaluation
  • Tender Writing Masterclass
  • Contract operations
  • Contract Specifications
  • Designing maintenance contract outcomes
  • Choosing a contract administration team
  • Lokasi Training di Hotel Bintang 3-5
  • Sertifikat Training
  • Modul Materi (Hard Copy & Soft Copy)
  • Flashdisk
  • Training Kit (Co-Card, Bolpoin, & Buku Catatan)
  • Souvenir Eksklusif
  • 1x Makan Siang dan 2x Coffee Break (Jam 10:00 & 14:00)
  • Penjemputan Bandara – Hotel (Pulang-Pergi selama pelatihan)
Biaya dan Lokasi
  • Yogyakarta : Rp 6.800.000,- / Peserta
  • Bandung : Rp 7.600.000,- / Peserta
  • Jakarta : Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta
  • Surabaya : Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta
  • Malang : Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta
  • Semarang : Rp 7.200.000,- / Peserta
  • Solo : Rp 7.500.000,- / Peserta
  • Bali : Rp 7.000.000,- / Peserta (Minimal 2 peserta)
  • Lombok : Rp 7.400.000,- / Peserta (Minimal 2 peserta)
  1. Biaya dan Lokasi diatas hanya untuk Private Training dan Public Training, untuk In House Training penawarannya dapat menghubungi kami dilink berikut (kontak kami).
  2. Jumlah peserta, jadwal dan lokasi dapat menyesuaikan permintaan.
  3. Pemintaan lokasi yang diluar daftar diatas dapat menghubungi kontak kami.

Untuk melihat jadwal pelatihan ini kunjungi Jadwal Training Update dan jika ingin mendaftar pelatihan ini, silakan isi form di Formulir Pendaftaran.

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